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Why Twannet

At Twannet, we don’t just bunch up devices you have no need for, we custom curate a truly smart home or office solution that caters for, and to you in particular while having your budget in mind.

We are passionate to deliver a truly wonderful smart home experience tailored to your specific needs.

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Firstly, I was shocked that these devices can work in Nigeria, secondly, I was pleasantly surprised, that there is such a company that can curate these experiences. Its easy for me now, and my kids are having a blast. Thanks Twannet

Koko HenshawLegal Practitioner

I just got married, so I got the twannet team to tech up my new house, I was so pleased with the quality of their work, I was thinking of cables running everywhere, but they assured me, and rightly so, that I will not see any cables. They were right, I didn't! it is now so convenient to set moods - Ladies you know what I mean. I don't have to get up from a very good position to do anything... I just speak! it's like having an invisible help... so glad I did this.

Wenu AbisolaBusiness Manager

As a business owner, it is an uphill task to always get my staff to turn off appliances when they leave the office. this has been a huge worry for me, as it not only cost me more on power, the risk of fire is quadrupled. I got these guys, and they reduced my office to a simple app! on my phone! I no longer need to yell, or paste those annoying "PLEASE TURN OFF ALL APPLIANCES" notices... I can turn off all devices from my phone, anywhere I am in the world. These guys truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it!

Orifa KelvinFounder, emblue.com.ng

I sell human hair extensions, and my clients have this weird desire to see how they look under different light shades. Before now, we had to buy different shades and connect them differently... now with twannet, I just have one bulb for all the shades I ever need. can you believe that? one bulb with 16 million colors, I couldn't be happier!

Ogunjulugbe OchecheHair Extensions Seller

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