Sensibo Sky, Smart Air Conditioner Remote Controller


  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL STAND ALONE ACs: Smart A/C controller that works with mini-splits, mobile a/c units, window a/c units through any wi-fi connected phone or voice aware device.
  • MANAGED BY ANY DEVICE: Use iOS and Android phones to set a/c and heating schedules, automate a/c and heating to save on energy costs, all with an easy to use app.
  • POWERED BY YOU: Use voice commands with your Alexa Echo or Google Home voice aware devices to control your a/c and heating quickly and efficiently.
  • FULL CLIMATE MANAGEMENT: Smart climate control feature Climate React helps you set comfort zones based on temperature (inside and outside), humidity and time of day.
  • SAVES MONEY: Saves energy costs by controlling a/c and heating usage when you are away. Senses when nobody is home to turn climate control off and turns on as you get home.

Product Description

Sensibo Sky, Smart Air Conditioner Remote Controller | WiFi Enabled, Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Home, Supports iOS & Android | Control Room Temperature and Humidity Levels From Anywhere


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